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Who We Are
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Who We Are

Since 1932, Accelerated Receivables Solutions has remained a family-owned business, committed to providing debt recovery services for a variety of clients. Today, we serve primarily healthcare clientele who expect the most out of their bad debt recovery.

Most of our clients are critical access to mid-sized hospitals or clinics who know that, with Accelerated Receivables Solutions, their accounts are a priority. Many of our competitors seek out the largest hospitals and networks to work with, gathering as many accounts as possible, while collecting on only a small percentage of the amount owed.

At ARS, our recovery remains the highest in the industry because we work with your patients to find solutions to their outstanding debt. We combine our old-fashioned focus on relationships with the most advanced technology in the industry, to give small to mid-sized hospitals and networks the attention and advanced capabilities they deserve.   

Now more than ever, hospitals need solutions. Your commitment to your patients has not stopped, but to continue providing them the highest level of service you need a strong, steady cash flow that you can count on. No one knows the rural healthcare landscape better than us, and we are confident in our ability to secure the highest return on investment for each facility we serve.  


Values and Vision


Over the years, our company has changed significantly. But our values — those have stayed the same. 

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What We Value

We are customer driven, with a “servant’s heart”. We have ethical motives and always operate as an honest and friendly company.

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We are the preeminent resource for seeing the needs and strategically planning for implementation of profitable healthcare Accounts Receivable Management solutions.


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To develop and improve our relationships with leading healthcare organizations in order to identify their needs and offer beneficial leading edge Accounts Receivables Management solutions.

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To provide consulting, continuing education, and ARM services to leading healthcare organizations. This results in improved profits, production, and image for our clients, which allows all members of both organizations to improve their lives through diversification, expansion and appropriate profitability.


Security and Compliance

Even if healthcare providers take significant security precautions, their security is only as strong as those they entrust their information to. We invest heavily in security and hire third-party experts to analyze every aspect of our system, so you can rest assured your data is secure.

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The collection industry is constantly evolving. Our close involvement with ACA international allows us to stay up to date with the latest regulations and best practices. The Professional Practices Management System through ACA International requires ongoing and comprehensive review, acting as a basis for our commitment to compliance. 

In addition, our collection specialists have in-depth knowledge of the FDCPA and bill collection best practices by becoming certified Professional Collection Specialists. This certification is attained after thorough training and by passing the PCS exam through ACA international. 

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With call monitoring and recording, we can continually improve patient communications with helpful feedback and quickly resolve any conflicts that arise. Our tools allow us to track keywords that indicate patient concerns and listen back on specific conversations to reach resolution faster and with the patient’s well-being as a priority.  


Professional Affiliations

To stay on the cutting edge of the healthcare receivables industry we take an active role in several key associations and organizations. Accelerated Receivables Solutions is actively engaged with the organizations below, while holding leadership roles on the council of delegates for ACA International, and the board of directors for the Nebraska Collector Association (NCA). These memberships offer the benefit of detailed industry insights, emerging best practices, and priceless relationships. We are proud to maintain active membership and leadership in the organizations below.

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