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Discover Your Facility's Untapped Financial Potential.

Accelerated Receivables Solutions can take your bad debt recovery to new heights. Many hospitals fall into the trap of thinking their current A/R performance can't change. We exist to break this mindset. Accelerated Receivables Solutions takes bad debt recovery to a new level of intelligence and responsibility. For hospitals facing slim operating margins, re-thinking the way they manage their bad debt accounts can make a world of difference.  

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The medical sector has seen a turbulent year due to COVID-19. Your commitment to your patients has not stopped, but to continue providing them the highest level of service you need a strong, steady cash flow that you can count on. As partners, we help both our clients and their patients succeed.

Elevate Your Bad Debt Recovery

Decrease Patient Complaints 

Increase Financial Recovery

Full Compliance in Everything We Do 

Here is what our partners can expect:

Patient Well-Being

Enhanced Recovery


We approach this industry with a servant’s heart, knowing each patient has a story and that their well-being comes first. Our PCS certified representatives treat your patients with the highest level of care and service.

Limitless Reporting

We start with our suite of reports, but we will tailor both the reports and their frequency to your needs. If the data exists, we capture it, and can include it in your customized report.  

24/7 Payment Ability

Your patients will have access to call and make payments whenever they like. Either with a collection specialist during work hours, or anytime of day with our automated IVR system.

Not all collection companies are created equal. Since 1932, we have been perfecting the collection process, forming an algorithm that  focuses on the accounts that show the highest ROI for your facility. 

Data Security

Accelerated Receivables Solutions takes extensive measures to protect client and patient information. This data undergoes numerous encryption methods, far exceeding what is required from HIPAA. 

Compliance in Everything We Do

Our in-house legal counsel and dedicated Chief Compliance Officer make sure our entire workflow is compliant with FDCPA, TCPA, HIPAA and all regulations involving your patients.

There's a reason we are able to collect more than our competition on delinquent medical debts. 

Let our professionally trained recovery specialists help free up your cash-flow. Our accelerated workflow, quality assurance measures, and commitment to the best technology and vendor partnerships will elevate your bad debt recovery to a new level of performance, bringing in a much welcomed net lift to your facility. 

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Any questions? Give us a call! 

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